Videos and Presentations

Presentations Given by Hussein Ahdieh on Nayriz History

"The Life and Martyrdom of Vahíd, the Báb’s Best Known Follower" -
Willmetthe institute, July 2020
Bábí/Baha'í Women of Nayriz Video
Vahíd's Heroic Stand: Nayriz 1850 Video
Massacre of the Faithful: 1853 Video
The Year of Crises and Victories: 1909 Video
An Appreciation of Hussein by his grandson, second grader Ari Ahdieh Flash
Bahiyyih Grant (Hussein's granddaughter) in Statue of Liberty performance Video
Bahiyyih Grant's first 2 jumps in a row in a riding lesson since returning
to America from Ethiopia, where her family was pioneering
Robert Ahdieh, Emory University School of Law, speaks about Baha'i
resistance to Iran's suppression of Baha'i educational institutions.
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